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A staged approach to Chinese translation with ongoing learning

Pre-work discussion and pricing

China Global Village translates material between Chinese and English and also verifies the quality of existing translations. All outputs are verified by skilled proofreaders using their mother-tongue language. We work with digital document files, hard copy, or online material. Source documents can be sent by email, through our secure password protected dropbox or other cloud based systems, or by courier.

After initial contact and viewing of the source document or other media an understanding of the scope of the work and purpose of the output is developed. If appropriate, we can discuss your required output style, the context of your output or any preferred vocabulary or terminology to be used. This enables China Global Village to produce a competitive quote and time estimate for completion.

Pricing is based on a charge of £60 per hour charged in 20 minute blocks with a minimum charge of £20. A fast turnaround premium service is also available. Timing is affected by document complexity and content which is accounted for in the quotation process.


Translation and proofreading

Upon acceptance of our quote and invoice payment the translation or  verification commences using experienced bilingual translators. Specific business, science, technical and other necessary information is incorporated into the work using client-specific criteria and in-house capabilities. All outputs are then checked by output-language mother-tongue proofreaders to ensure output accuracy and appropriateness to any specified context. By prior arrangement, large jobs may be delivered in parts to ensure client acceptance of quality, style and progress.


Translated document delivery

At completion (or in sections if prearranged) of the translation or verification process and final proofreading, your output is delivered. Delivery can occur by email, through our secure dropbox or other cloud based systems, or by courier.

China Global Village senior staff are always available to discuss outputs, existing work or new jobs. We provide quality products and where appropriate aim to provide ongoing partnerships with our clients.

We welcome any feedback concerning our service and delivered outputs.

Our client database

By keeping records of your requirements and contact details, any subsequent work will proceed with ease. We store your preferences of context, purpose, vocabulary and terminology and incorporate these and any other feedback into future translation or verification processes.

China Global Village works with you before during and after the document translation process. This method ensures that output documents are appropriate and targeted for your needs. Our records of your requirements and preferred vocabulary and style ensure the smooth performance of any subsequent translation work.

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